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Your Wallet by Nomisful

"Getting paid has never been this easy"

Our goals as a company is to be clear, transparent, and straightforward as we assist our clients to grow their business through designing, web hosting, and online marketing. Nomisful reported positive underlying revenue growth from the past few years. This growth would not be possible without our amazing and incredible in-house teams who have been delivering great services to all our clients, but also we owe our sincerest thanks to our referrals that spread the information of our services to their families and friends. We truly appreciate the time you have spent in assisting the growth of Nomisful, and we are proud to call you one of our partners. Therefore the reason we have created the ‘Your Wallet’ platform, to give back to you financially.

Your Wallet provides the opportunity for any individual to make money by just referring clients to our services or signing them up. We pay from R50 to R500 per client and payments are made weekly and monthly.

The accomplishments of a team always surpass the accomplishments of an individual. This concept has been fundamental to building a foundation for our success at Nomisful. We are confident that you will be pleased with our work.

Looking forward to have you join our winning family.

You don't need a special qualification to apply. You register on as an agent and you will receive an email back with your unique agent number which you need to give to anyone that is interested in our services and it will enable them to recieve a 15% discount for any request.

We are offering commission and payment options that will benefit anyone.

Bring 10 or fewer clients per week and you will be offered the following payment plan:
- Brochure design; R30
- Website Design;   R250
- Web Hosting;        R50
- Online Marketing & Advertising; R70

Bring 20 or fewer clients per week and you will be offered the following payment plan:
- Brochure design;  R50
- Website Design;    R500
- Web Hosting;         R70
- Online Marketing & Advertising: R100 

Please note Nomisful will not pay any agent till the client makes the first payment for the request and only bank transfer options are paid weekly. All cash payment are done month end.  



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